You're all Just Jealous of my Jetpack

Written and illustrated by Tom Gauld

I had not heard of Tom Gauld prior to picking up this book.  However, by the conclusion of these fabulous compendium of comic strips mixing literature, video-games, constructs of narratives and comedy in deft touches; I marvelled at Gauld's mash-up brilliance.


Cartoonists often have an askew view of the world (read askew as incredibly clever) with Gauld's humour referencing pop culture, literary culture and humanity in strange and surprising ways.

Gauld throws in the irreverent strip now and again which doesn't mean it's not just as a funny.  

Rather than writing critically about such a fine collection of humorous snapshots of life; I just recommend you find a copy in a bookstore or a library and spend an hour chuckling through Gauld's wit and art.